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Auto Insurance

Whether you live in Marshfield, Medford or any other part of Massachusettes, when most people think about auto insurance, they think about damage to their car. The truth is, auto insurance covers much more than just your car. Given the sheer amount of cars on the road and the distractions drivers deal with every day, the chances of being involved in a car accident are higher than you may want to know… see more

Home Insurance

For over 70 years our agency has been helping home owners in Massachusettes project their most valuable asset. Selecting the correct coverage is so important. In addition to protecting your family, the home owners insurance that you select will also protect any visitors that potentially get injured (some cases), allow us to explain. Regardless if the injury is due to fire, fallen tree, slip on the ice or other, we can help. It is our job to get the correct coverage for you.

Regardless if your home is near the water, a vacation home or your primary residence, we can insure it. To get started on a quote for your home insurance, please call our office or simply fill out the form below and one of our representatives will schedule a convenient time to speak with you.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is not only the cornerstone of a solid financial plan, but it’s hands down one of the most cost effective ways to protect the people who depend on you financially. We make Life Insurance easy. Please don’t take this too lightly, it is actually a difficult subject to get your arms around. We have access to a wide range of life insurance companies so we can survey the marketplace and based on your individual rating criteria, find the best possible life insurance policy at the best price.

Health Insurance

For those who don’t have employer-sponsored health plans, an individual health insurance policy is a necessity. We’ll help you sort out the confusion of co-pays, coinsurance and other considerations and create a policy that fits your life. We have a lot of experience in this particular field.

Who We Are

McDonough Insurance has been servicing insurance needs for years.

We are built on the principles of providing superior service and quality insurance solutions for our customers. As an independent agent, we work with select insurance companies that have proven their performance over the years. We are dedicated to getting you the best insurance products and services available today to protect you, your family, and your business.

We are built on the principles of providing superior customer service and quality insurance.

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